Silver Spray Paint Service

Silver Spray Paint Service

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By adding this item to your basket, you are purchasing the service of spray painting one of your items silver.

If you wish to have multiple stands sprayed silver, please add multiples of this product to your order. For example, if you are purchasing 5 stands and you want all 5 sprayed silver, add 5 x ‘silver spray paint service’ options to your basket and then email/message with a confirmation request.

If you are purchasing multiple stands but only wish to have a certain amount sprayed silver and the rest left as gold, please specify which stands you would like sprayed via email with your order number and clear details or photos of the selected stands.


**Please note. I am NOT a professional paint sprayer and therefore, do not claim to use any professional equipment to spray your stands. I do however, use a very strict process of cleaning, priming, spraying and sealing every single stand to my personal best. 


Silver Spray Paint Service Email:


By choosing to spray paint your items, please allow additional delays of up to 7 working days on shipping. The delay will be dependent on quantities being sprayed, preparation and drying times of stands and how many other orders are currently being sprayed before yours.  I do my best to turn these around as quickly as possible for you whilst still providing excellent quality! 

**I am not a professional sprayer and you are purchasing this service with this understanding that it will not be of a professional standard, however, I do ensure it is done to the best of my ability and I have been spray painting stands for a few years and follow a lengthy strict process when spraying.