Celtic Magic Stand
Celtic Magic Stand
Celtic Magic Stand
Celtic Magic Stand
Celtic Magic Stand
Celtic Magic Stand

Celtic Magic Stand

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This adorable little stand is perfect for smaller spheres but can happily hold larger too! A beautiful Celtic design on the base with a sleek stem. 


History behind the Celtic design..

The type of symbol used on this stand is called the ‘Triquetra’ which can also mean ‘Trinity Knot’ and this type of symbol has been seen throughout history since as early as the Iron Ages! From a historical point of view, it’s associated mainly with the Celtic civilisation but has a vaaaast meaning behind it amongst many different counties and beliefs.

One of the meanings behind it is as a representation of the neopagan goddess as a mother (creation), maiden (innocence) and crone (wisdom).

Here’s some other interesting meanings..

- Past, Present and Future
- Body, Soul, and Spirit
- Life, Death and Rebirth
- Land, Sea and Sky
- Eternal love (also known as an Irish Love Knot)
- Outlines the stages of a woman’s life
- Given as a gift as a wish of longevity
- Uninterrupted life cycle
- A protective symbol
- Power of three

This symbol has existed worldwide and in many variations for thousands of years! If you feel drawn to this symbol or interested in it’s history, it’s said you may have an imbalance as this sign invites you to regain harmony in every part of your life as it is seen as bringing all things whole!


Approx Measurements:

H: 4.5cm

W: (base) 3cm